ETICKETTE gives an opportunity to sell or buy tickets for a set of various actions in any corner of the world.

Our task is safety of each transaction and reliable exchange between the seller and the buyer.

Why the prices of similar offers differ?

Publishing tickets on the page, sellers independently establish the prices according to demand.

The prices on the page differ as each seller determines that sum which he wants to receive for tickets. For this reason on ETICKETTE you can find tickets more expensively or even cheaper, than in cash desk.

Guarantee to buyers

The seller receives payment for the realized tickets only after the buyer attends an action. Thus, we guarantee to buyers originality and compliance of the bought tickets to the offer which has been published on the website.

Besides, all sellers specify data of the credit card as an additional guarantee.

Guarantee to sellers

Automatic payment for the sold tickets is guaranteed at the scheduled time to the seller.

ETICKETTE deals with issues of removal of money from the buyer and, in case of problems with payment from his party, ETICKETTE will assume all losses.

About customer support

The team consisting of more than 250 professionals in more than 30 countries. Local offices and personal approach of support service to each client are the key to our success.

It allows us to provide all necessary information on purchase, sale or an action in the native language. You can contact us by e-mail .

How delivered tickets?

We guarantee that all tickets, available on the page, will be delivered in time.

After purchase confirmation, the seller will issue sending tickets for the address specified by the buyer.

In case of purchase of tickets shortly before the action, their delivery is carried out in in advance stipulated points of transfer. Only this way we can avoid slips and guarantee obtaining tickets prior to the action.

How to choose the best ticket?

Useful tips for the choice of the best ticket:

  • Each seller independently specifies information on an arrangement of tickets. We recommend to you to choose those offers where more detailed information on an arrangement, for example, the sector or a row is specified. It will help you to choose the most suitable ticket.
  • If you want to receive tickets as soon as possible, choose that offer which is marked with the "immediate sending" badge.
  • If the action takes place outside your city or the country, you can request delivery to the address of your accommodation (for example, in hotel or apartments).